Fix your "crooked eye"

I could never seem to get my transfers lined up correctly on my shirts. They would always be more to one side or the other. So I bought one of those T-square things to try and find the center of the shirt. That worked great to help me find the center, but then I would somehow get the transfer tilted to one side or the other. I was so tired of hearing my husband tell me that my designs were crooked on my shirts that I was ready to give up. Along came my BFF Sherri (the amazing crafter) and said, "not to be rude but duh, let me show you something super simple and FREE! She showed me to fold the shirt in half long way and press it. This will create a center line down the entire shirt as long as you line up the seams correctly before you press it. (yes, I figured this out the hard way too) Take your transfer and fold it in half, pinch the center at the top and bottom, then all you have to do is line up your pinch marks with your center line! How easy is that? You just fixed your crooked eye!

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